Грунд за основа STAUF WEP 180

Solvent-free 2-component water epoxy resin based primer

  • Reinforcement of substrates
  • Deeply penetrating epoxy resin
  • Vapour barrier on substrates containing residual moisture up to 4.0 CM%.
  • Quick drying
  • Easy to apply
Код: 111600 Категория: Brand: STAUF


    Application range

  • primer under STAUF PU-, SPU- and SMP-adhesives
  • primer under STAUF levelling compounds sprinkled with sand
  • after first coat before levelling with STAUF levelling compound (with STAUF VDP 160 as a primer)
  • vapour barrier on cement screeds containing residual moisture up to 4.0 CM%.

    Suitable subfloors

  • mastic asphalt screed
  • concrete C 25 / 30 according to DIN 1045 (non-skid surface)
  • calcium sulphate (flow) floors (no moisture barrier)
  • wooden planks, wood fibre boards
  • chipboards V100 (E1), OSB boards
  • stone, ceramic, terrazzo, tiles
  • unlaminated gypsum fibre boards
  • cement floors
  • cement floors with residual moisture

    Product properties

  • good adhesion to various materials
  • very economical
  • very low emission
  • suitable for castors swivel chairs according to DIN EN 12529
  • can be diluted with water
  • reduction of the vapour diffusion rate on sufaces with residual moisture


  • Hardener: yellowish
  • Resin: colorless


  • approx. 45 minutes

    Required quantities per m²

  • First coat: approx. 150 – 200 g if applied with a roller (diluted 1:1 with water)
  • Second or further coats as a vapour barrier: approx. 200 g undiluted if applied with a roller
  • thin coat application, undiluted, as a bonding agent on non-absorbent surfaces: approx. 100 g/m² if applied with a roller
  • the quantity required increases if the substrate is highly porous

    Drying time

  • 1. Coat diluted with water (1:1): approx. 2 hours
  • 2. Coat undiluted or further coats applied as a vapour barrier: at least 5 hours

    Additional instructions 1

  • If levelling layers thicker as 10 mm are to be applied, the coat must be sprinkeld with sand.

    Room climate at work site

  • minimum 15 °C, maximum 75% rel. humidity, preferably max. 65%

    Transport requirements

  • frost-free

    Transport hazard category

  • 9

    Storage requirements

  • frost-free


  • 9 months


  • RE20


  • EC1 plus

    Available packaging

  • In plastic bucket 2,5 kg (hardener WEP180)
  • In canister 1 kg (resin WEP180)

    Allocation article-no. hardener 2c

  • 111610

    Mixing ratio component B

  • 1

    Transport UN-number

  • 3082


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