Грунд за основа STAUF VEP 195

Solvent and water free 2-component epoxy primer

  • strengthening of substrates
  • good penetration capability
  • vapour barrier on surfaces with residual moisture
Код: 116120 Категория: Brand: STAUF


    Application range

  • damp proof membrane on cement screed subfloors with residual moisture of max. 5 CM-% (6 pbw-%) after reaching the necessary strength
  • primer under STAUF PU-, SPU- and SMP-adhesives
  • primer under STAUF levelling compounds sprinkled with sand
  • after first coat before levelling with STAUF levelling compound (with STAUF VDP 160 as a primer)
  • epoxy resin binders for preparing anhydrous reactive resin screeds and mortars

    Suitable subfloors

  • mastic asphalt screed
  • concrete C 25 / 30 according to DIN 1045 (non-skid surface)
  • calcium sulphate (flow) floors (no moisture barrier)
  • wooden planks, wood fibre boards
  • chipboards V100 (E1), OSB boards
  • stone, ceramic, terrazzo, tiles
  • unlaminated gypsum fibre boards
  • bonded screed ZE 30 according to DIN 18560, part 3 (non-skid surface)
  • cement floors
  • cement floors, concrete floors with residual moisture

    Product properties

  • good adhesion to various materials
  • easy to apply
  • reduction of the vapour diffusion rate on sufaces with residual moisture


  • colorless


  • approx. 30 min. at 30 °C
  • approx. 45 minutes at 20 °C

    Required quantities per m²

  • 400g when applied with roller

    Drying time

  • approx. 16 hours at 20 °C and 50 % rel. humidity

    Additional instructions 1

  • By applying a second coat of STAUF VEP-190 as a vapor barrier the consumption reduces to approx. 250 g/m².
  • Before applying reactive adhesives (PUK, SPU, SMP and EP ranges): In addition to observing the specified time needed between priming and bonding, and the climatic conditions indicated (temperature and humidity), it is essential to sand the the surfaces.
  • When gluing directly with reactive adhesives (PUK-,SPU-, SMP- and EP-Line): Is the surface of the primer still slightly sticky after the minimum dry time of 24 hours, the surface of the primer VEP 195 can be evenly sanded by machine.

    Room climate at work site

  • minimum 15 °C, maximum 75% rel. humidity, preferably max. 65%

    Transport hazard category

  • 9


  • 12 months


  • EC1 plus

    Available packaging

  • 3 kg sheet metal combination bucket
  • 10 kg sheet metal combination bucket

    Mixing ratio component A

  • 2

    Mixing ratio component B

  • 1

    Transport hazard category 2c

  • 8

    Transport UN-number

  • 3082, 2735


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