Лепило за еластични, гумени покрития, за изкуствена трева STAUF SP ELASTIC

2-component polyurethane adhesive for bonding sportsflooring in outdoor use

  • high resilient
  • waterproof
  • elastic
Код: 124370 Категория: Brand: STAUF


    Suitable for installation of

  • Synthetic turf
  • rubber floor coverings in tiles or sheets with sanded or coned backing
  • Elastics sport floor coverings for area and point elastic constructions
  • elastic strips
  • granulated EPDM/rubber strips
  • various sports floor coverings for outdoor use

    Suitable subfloors

  • Grit or PU-rubber granulated material
  • concrete (easy-grip surface)
  • asphalt

    Suitable underlays

  • STAUF comfort pad

    product properties

  • aging-resistant
  • resistant against humidity
  • suitable on subfloor heating systems
  • very well spreadable
  • water-free


  • beige

    Required quantities per m²

  • 350g with STAUF notched trowel no. 1
  • 500g with STAUF notched trowel no. 2
  • 2500g with STAUF notched trowel no. 12
  • 700g with STAUF notched trowel no. 8

    Open time

  • approx. 60 minutes at 20 °C


  • after 12 – 24 hours

    Additional instructions 1

  • due to the variety of materials and the number of possible combinations, the user must test the adhesion first before bonding specific materials

    Room climate at work site

  • minimum 0 °C, maximum 80% rel. humidity, preferably max. 65%


  • 12 months

    Available packaging

  • 12 kg plastic bucket + 2100 g plastic bottle (hardener)


  • RU1

    Article-no. hardener component 2c

  • 124376 hardener


  • approx. 60 minutes

    Mixing ratio component B

  • 1

    Storage requirements 2C

  • frost-free

    Transport requirements 2C

  • frost-free


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