Adhesive spreader machine with batteries, clean, efficient and ergonomic work, simple operation for processing of modern wood floorings in a plastic bag, especially for the bonding of engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring

  • Adhesive application from wall to wall like with a ruler
  • Precise application of the adhesive in the width of the floor elements adjustable
  • Adjustable adhesive quantity
  • Replace instead of cleaning
  • Adhesive application in upright position
  • Easy and protected transport in a high-quality, rollable wooden case
  • Line application: Improved yield with less adhesive
  • No leftovers: Perfect emptying due to sachet technology
  • Very little packaging waste
  • High adjustable work speed
  • Sachet change: Pit-Stop in 25 seconds
  • No time-out: up to 160 m²/battery change, second battery and quick charger included
  • Compact dimensions – also suitable for small rooms
  • Included in delivery: Scope of supply: Parkett-X-Press for 63 – 200 tubular bags, 63 mm/1800 ml, with applicator head 200, rapid battery charger with 2 batteries, in hard case, and with stand-by stand.


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