Съединителна лента STAUF C 345

30 cm wide polyester fleece to be used as seaming tape for bonding of synthetic turf installations

  • PE-coated (35 g/m²)
  • can be used as repair tape in existing installations
  • Seaming tape fullfils the the requirements of international football and hockey norms
  • depending on the requirements can be glued on both sides
Код: 130100 Категория: Brand: STAUF


    Application range

  • Installation of synthetic turf indoor and outdoor
  • Main area of use: repair of all coverings
  • Secondary area of use: rugby, hockey, polo, American football, lacrosse, football, baseball, cricket, softball, mini-football, golf, landscaping

    Suitable for installation of

  • Synthetic turf

    Suitable subfloors

  • Grit or PU-rubber granulated material

    product properties

  • aging-resistant
  • highly resilient
  • not sensitive to frost
  • non absorbent
  • waterproof
  • heat- and cold-resistant


  • green

    Additional instructions 1

  • Mass per unit area: 218 g/m²
  • Thickness: 0,78 mm

    Room climate at work site

  • minimum 5 °C, preferably max. 65%

    Transport requirements

  • dry

    Storage requirements

  • dry

    Available packaging

  • 100 m roll
  • 225 m roll


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