Paint Tray „Large“

For the correct dosage when picking up paint with rollers

Dipping the paint roller into a can or a bucket often leads to rough spills. It drips off the roller and paint application becomes uneven. The use of a paint tray helps stop this. It makes it possible to correctly dose paint intake with the roller.

  • Can be used with SAICOS rollers
  • Size: 31 x 35 mm
  • Also available: 5-piece tray insert
Код: 0950 229 Категория: Brand: SAICOS


Simplifies paint pick-up

When working with paint rollers, a paint tray is indispensable. It enables uniform paint absorption and prevents the paint from dripping off the roll. You can cover it with a plastic insert to avoid later cleaning. This insert can be disposed of when work is done and the tray can be used again immediately. Tray inserts are available separately in a set of 5 (article number: 0950 230).