House & Garden Colour

The colour intense oil-based wood finish for all garden woods

Efficient, easy to use and with anti-blocking properties. This is SAICOS House & Garden Colour. Specially developed for outdoor woods, this all-rounder adds colour accents to your garden. Be it the garden shed or children’s toys – there are no limits to creativity.

  • For all outdoor woods such aswooden façades, doors, balconies, fences, gates, screens, garden sheds …
  • Indoors for all surfaces that are not mechanically stressed
  • Anti-blocking properties makes it ideal for windows and doors
  • Natural oil base
  • Opaque
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Perfect protection against weather

The semi-matt surface of SAICOS House & Garden Colour covers wood tone and grain, but leaves the structure of the wood visible. The coating is breathable, moisture-regulating, weather-resistant and has anti-blocking properties. This makes it particularly well-suited for windows and doors. Colour pigments with high UV resistance keep the coat beautiful in the long run. For a greater variety of colours, single colours can be mixed together. If required, House & Garden Colour can also be used for indoor areas as long as they are not mechanically stressed. However, please ensure good ventilation.