Furniture oil

Natural surface treatment for heavily used wooden surfaces

Do something to make yourself happy. You don’t always have to buy new furniture. Just a little treatment and it can look new again.

  • For kitchen worktops, tables or furniture indoors
  • Natural oil base
  • Healthy and easy to care for
  • Very resistant, water-repellent
  • Oxidative drying
Код: 3311 Категория: Brand: SAICOS


In a practical and handy 0.3 litre bottle

SAICOS Furniture Oil is suitable for all heavily used wooden surfaces such as kitchen worktops, tables or furniture in indoor areas. Natural oils penetrate deep into the wood and keep it elastic. The surface impresses with dirt- and water-repellent as well as durable properties. Coffee, wine, juices or household chemicals cannot penetrate the wood and are easily removed.