Препарат за почистване STAUF AKZENT EASY CLEAN

Basic cleaner and cleaning agent with non-ionic surfactants

  • For universal use
  • Very good dirt removing properties
  • Can be diluted with water


    Application range

  • Basic cleaner for removing heavy soiling and layers of care products or wax
  • Cleaning agent for wooden floors, multi-layer wood flooring, laminate, PVC, linoleum and plastic

    Application device

  • soft, lint-free cloth
  • Disc cleaner
  • Wischwiesel

    Cleaning of tools

  • water

    Additional instructions

  • Particularly in the case of wooden floors, and when carrying out general or thorough cleaning, do not add too much water.
  • First check for compatibility before applying to multi-layer wood flooring, laminate, PVC, linoleum or plastic flooring.

    Product properties

  • very effective cleaning
  • suitable for use with floor cleaning machines
  • Concentrated product for diluting


  • colorless

    Transport requirements

  • frost-free
  • dry
  • cool

    Storage requirements

  • frost-free
  • dry
  • cool


  • 24 months


  • 1 l plastic bottle


  • GU50


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