Препарат за почистване и грижа STAUF AKZENT CARE OIL

Care product containing oil and wax

  • Very effective care and protection
  • Refreshes oiled surfaces
  • Impregnating effect


    Application range

  • Care and maintenance oil made of naturally refined oils, for open-pore oiled surfaces

    Drying time

  • Approx. 6-12 minutes at 20 °C and 50 % rel. humidity

    Application device

  • soft, lint-free cloth
  • Disc cleaner
  • Cotton cloth

    Cleaning of tools

  • STAUF Spezialreiniger
  • STAUF V 2000 AF
  • Benzine

    Room climate at work site

  • 15-25 °C at 35-65 % rel. humidity

    Additional instructions

  • Store materials impregnated with the oil, such as superpads, cloths, non-woven cloths, sanding dust or similar, in airtight metal containers or rinse with water and dispose of in a fireproof manner.

    Product properties

  • low usage
  • for full-surface care or improvement of selected areas
  • repairs minor damage to surfaces


  • natural

    Required quantities per m²

  • 10 – 20 ml/m²

    Transport requirements

  • frost-free
  • dry
  • cool

    Storage requirements

  • frost-free
  • dry
  • cool


  • 18 months


  • 1 l metal canister


  • Ö60


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